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Individuals who want to sign up can reach out to their company's internal operations team–feel free to share this webpage! Companies who want to participate can sign-up by contacting partners@ewtb.org 



The individual who takes the most steps overall wins a prize. The company that takes the most steps overall wins a prize–companies can also organise themselves into teams and run internal challenges if they wish! 

A bonus prize will be available for the individual and company who take the most steps on World TB Day: Thursday 24th of March.


This challenge runs through an app, Pacer. Sign-ups will be active from February–which is when we will provide the "challenge code" to your company.  Once the code is received: 

  1. Download the app onto your phone.

  2. Add the ‘challenge code’ on the app’s first screen (code to be supplied, as noted above)

  3. Create an account

  4. Join your company and start stepping.

(detailed instructions can be found on the pacer website)

What counts

You can move however you like: a leisurely stroll, a run, jumping jacks, going for a bike ride, or wheelchair revolutions. However you move, you can be part of March for TB. Steps are automatically calculated on Pacer through your phone (Apple or Android). You can also manually enter steps or wheel revolutions (honour system!) if you use a smart watch or forget your phone. You will need to open your Pacer app for your steps to be updated on the overall dashboard, so remember to do it at least once a day.

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